VT Foodbank’s Farmers to Families food box program continues through August

first_imgVermont Foodbank This July and August, Farmers to Families food boxes containing fresh produce, dairy products, and chicken will be available at multiple daily food distributions throughout the state.To keep wait times to a minimum, reservations will be required for the distributions. To register and see the dates and locations, please visit humanresources.vermont.gov/food-help(link is external) or call 2-1-1 if you do not have access to the internet or are uncomfortable using it.Registration for each site closes by 4pm the day prior, please ensure you sign up before then.You are welcome to pick up food for other families who are not able to make it to the pickup site, just be sure to include those shares in your reservation.The Foodbank is taking all measures possible to ensure we can be there to help people access food during this challenging time. If you or someone you know is in need of help getting food, we can help. The following list will help you access food and programs that best fit your needs.3SquaresVT(link is external) – Has your household lost pay? Have your childcare expenses increased? 3SquaresVT is here for you and your family. You could be eligible to receive a 3SquaresVT benefit or increase the benefit you already receive. We can help you apply. Visit our 3SquaresVT page, email [email protected](link sends e-mail), call 1-855-855-6181 or text VFBSNAP to 85511 School Meals: Most districts will still be providing meals to students during this closure. If your family’s financial situation changes you can apply or re-apply for free school meals at any time during the school year, even if you have not qualified in the past! Contact your school for an application. Find a food shelf(link is external) – The Vermont Foodbank partners with 215 food shelves, meal sites, senior centers, homeless shelters and out of school programs across the state. Find a site close to you through our food shelf listings(link is external). Meal Programs for Older Vermonters: People age 60 and older are especially encouraged to stay at home in order to protect themselves from COVID-19, but staying well-nourished is also critical for your health. To help, you may be able to pick up meals to go or have meals delivered to your home. For more information about meals for older adults, please call the Helpline at 1-800-642-5119.If you have further questions, please call the Vermont Foodbank at 1-800-585-2265.For up-to-date information on The Foodbank’s response to the coronavirus, please visit our Main COVID-19 Update Page(link is external). If you are able to help, please visit our How You Can Help page(link is external).Source: Vermont Foodbank 7.1.2020 CSFP(link is external) – The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) is a federal nutrition program which offers free monthly nutrition information and nutritious foods to income-eligible older adults. Temporary Expanded foods list (COVID-19): https://www.healthvermont.gov/sites/default/files/documents/pdf/WIC_expanded_food_covid19.pdf(link is external)center_img Apply to WIC: www.healthvermont.gov/applytowic(link is external) WIC(link is external): Vermont WIC is open and most services are being done by phone appointment(link is external) to align with social distancing efforts. We have also temporarily expanded our food list(link is external) to add options for some hard to find items. Check the expanded food list to see what has been added. Please visit our website or text VTWIC to 855-11 to apply. To connect with WIC in your area, visit www.healthvermont.gov/local(link is external). We will continue to provide breastfeeding support, nutrition education, and community referrals. If you are pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding, a caregiver or parent with a child under five you may be eligible for WIC.Vermont WIC website links:Home page: https://www.healthvermont.gov/family/wic(link is external) Local WIC clinic page: www.healthvermont.gov/local(link is external) VeggieVanGo(link is external) – We are working closely with our school and hospital partners to ensure that we can still provide food in communities during closures in ways that doesn’t promote the spread of virus. Please contact the site of your local VeggieVanGo for details about VeggieVanGo in your local community.Additional Community Resources2-1-1(link is external) – The Vermont 2-1-1 database contains detailed descriptions of programs and services available to Vermonters that are provided by local community groups, social service and health-related agencies, government organizations, and others.last_img read more

Heboh Pentagon Rilis Video UFO, Penumpang Pesawat Ini Bahkan Pernah Lihat…,Mengapa Ada Batasan Ketinggian Terbang untuk Pesawat? Ini Jawabannya

first_imgPeristiwa penumpang pesawat Jeju Air melihat UFO bermula saat pesawat yang ditumpanginya sedang dalam perjalanan dari Seoul ke Thailand. Mendadak saja, Kim lalu melihat benda berwarna putih terbang di samping pesawatnya. Mengira jika itu adalah pesawat yang lain, Kim pun mengambil inisiatif untuk merekam.Namun, setelah dilihat lagi, Kim justru mendapati benda tersebut tampak seperti cahaya misterius yang berwarna kuning kehijauan. Cahaya tersebut lalu terlihat terpecah menjadi enam bagian dan terbang melayang-layang.“Jarang melihat pesawat lain terbang di sebelah pesawatmu, jadi aku mengeluarkan ponselku dan merekamnya. Ketika saya melihat dari dekat (men-zoom video), itu bukan pesawat, itu adalah enam individual vehicles. Itu seperti cahaya kehijauan-kekuningan berdenyut,” katanya.Meskipun ada ada kemungkinan objek tak dikenal tersebut merupakan sinar matahari yang terpantul dari jendela, tapi Kim meyakini itu adalah sesuatu yang luar biasa. Kim akhirnya harus berpisah dengan objek diduga UFO itu setelah (UFO tersebut) terpendar menjadi enam dengan formasi 2-2-2 dan bermanuver tak seperti bukan sebuah pesawat biasa. Beberapa saat kemudian, mereka berpisah dan menghilang dari pandangan.Pada tahun 2015, DailyMail juga pernah mewartakan peristiwa penumpang pesawat melihat UFO yang juga sempat menggemparkan publik. Saat itu, seorang penumpang maskapai American Airlines dari San Jose, California menuju Houston, Texas, dilaporkan tak sengaja memotret sebuah foto.Kala itu, ia mengaku sedang memotret pemandangan saat sedang bosan. Namun ia tak sadar bahwa ternyata pesawat yang ditumpanginya tersebut berada di sebuah wilayah perbatasan dekat pangkalan militer rahasia, Area 51.Baca juga: Ada Penampakan UFO di Dekat Kereta, Laporan Wanita ini DisangsikanPenumpang pria yang tak disebutkan namanya ini tidak menyadari bahwa wilayah yang dilewatinya merupakan wilayah gurun yang lokasinya berada di Luning and Gabbs, Nevada. Ketika ia sedang memotret, barulah ia sadar ada sebuah cahaya aneh, seakan-akan membentuk pola piringan besar berada di langit.Setelah ia melihat lebih dekat foto yang diambil, ia menyadari terdapat kejanggalan dari foto jepretannya tersebut. Ia langsung melaporkan penampakan yang ia ambil ke organisasi Mutual UFO Network.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… Related Seorang penumpang pesawat Jeju Air bernama Lucas Kim, berhasil menggemparkan publik karena mengklaim dirinya melihat UFO dari jendela pesawat. Foto: DailyMail Belum lama ini, Pentagon (kantor utama angkatan bersenjata Amerika Serikat) merilis tiga video rahasia Angkatan Laut Amerika Serikat (AS) yang diduga banyak pihak merupakan penampakan pesawat alien (UFO/unidentified flying object). Video yang direkam melalui kamera infrared tersebut terlihat menampilkan UFO yang terbang secara cepat. Angkatan Laut sebelumnya mengakui kebenaran video itu pada September 2019.Baca juga: Tunggu Investor, Kendaraan Berbentuk UFO Siap MengudaraNamun, tahun 2019 bukan hanya Pentagon yang berhasil menggemparkan publik dengan pernyataan berkenaan dengan UFO. Dikutip KabarPenumpang.com dari DailyMail, pada pertengahan April di tahun tersebut, seorang penumpang pesawat Jeju Air bernama Lucas Kim, juga berhasil menggemparkan publik karena mengklaim dirinya melihat UFO dari jendela pesawat.last_img read more

Careless printing of wrong numbers

first_imgDear Editor,The Ministry of Social Protection cannot be exonerated from blame for the careless printing of wrong numbers on the November payment vouchers which was responsible for several old age pensioners in Region 2 not receiving their money for this month.With much surprise the same problem occurs on the vouchers for the month of December which inevitably means that they would not be able to get payment for that month as well.Questions have been raised as to how they would be able to survive without pension money for two consecutive months through no fault of their own while referring to the saying “Who feels it knows it” in a can’t do better situation with the festive Christmas season being just around the corner.The mistake was detected at the Suddie Post Office last Friday (2016-11-04) where it was observed that the identical seven digit numbers usually printed at two places on the vouchers were not the same.As can be seen with the book presented by me on authorisation from my wife to collect her November money the left side of the voucher under O.A.P bears the November 07173-16 with the other on the rightside with a larger print out having 071734-16. It remains the same way for the month of December.On the basis of the numbers not corresponding payment to me was refused with the advice given from a postal attendant to bring the anomaly to the Ministry’s Office at Ann Regina for corrective measures to be taken.Many other pensioners affected likewise were quick to castigate the Ministry for putting them in this predicament when better needs to be done to avoid a recurrence of such mistakes ever so much detrimental to them.The only consolation coming from the Anna Regina office was that to err is human with no sympathy being shown to those so affected for the difficult times ahead of them in the present situation.No time frame could have been provided as to how early corrective measures would be taken, but it is expected that the subject Minister will ensure that expeditious action is taken for this to be done within the shortest possible time.Pensioners do not deserve to suffer an unnecessary discomfort or inconvenience in their daily activities with the state having an obligation to protect their wellbeing at all times.Yours Faithfully,Baliram Persaudlast_img read more