Attention is all we seek

first_imgThis is only my belief that we do everything and anything for attention. Even buying a car, clothes, places we go to, people we meet, almost everything is done drawing attention. Anger and anxiety happen when there is a lack of attention or no attention to us or our words.If we stop expecting attention, life will be so much better.. stop being competitive… it doesn’t help.Just to prove our point of drawing attention, we do so many things … a simple thing like a perfume, how many people wear perfume for themselves and how many wear it for others to appreciate and acknowledge, When we wear a wonderful perfume we draw attention isn’t that what we wanted from the onset.When you wear designer clothes, it’s for others to see, do u see yourself in the attire, no. So again attention-drawing mechanism.When you draw attention you feel powerful, is that the real reason to feel powerful…are we really that insecure.  So maybe the real answer is insecurity that wants us to be powerful and on an attention-seeking spree.Then again once we are successful in drawing attention, we want to keep doing that,  thus forming a pattern.So what’s the real reason.. insecurity, or mere habit or sense of being powerful…What’s your case. Do you seek attention, why ask yourself…last_img read more