Roma Education Fund Scholarships Program

first_img June 27, 2011 Published by Site Default The Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence Share 0 Deadline: 15 September 2011Open to: Roma people enrolled at a University in one of the countries listed bellowScholarship: it covers tuition and fees, livings expenses and othersRoma Education Fund Scholarships Program (REF/SP) announces the fifth year of the Roma International Scholar Program. The scholarship is merit-based and awarded for one academic year with possibility for renewal if the scholar continues to fulfill the Program requirements. The aim of the scholarship is to promote academic mobility of Roma students and support their academic integration internationally.Eligibility* be openly Roma, willing to appear publicly as Roma* citizens of one of the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey or Ukraine* have been or will be accepted at a state accredited university in the country other than his/her home country as full-time students in the 2011-2012 academic year* pursue their studies for obtaining a Bachelor, Master, or PhD degreeApplication* Application form must be filled in electronically* Recommendation Letter/s must be scanned and uploaded as attachment/s within the application form* Curriculum Vitae (CV) must be scanned and uploaded as attachment within the application form* Grade transcripts must be scanned and uploaded as attachments within the application form* Bank account information must be filled in electronically into the application form* ID/passport copy must be scanned and uploaded as an attachment within the application form* Acceptance letter and Enrolment certificate must be scanned and uploaded as an attachment to the application formOnline application formScholarshipThis scholarship grant is awarded annually and paid in one installment. It can be used for one or more of the following purposes:* Tuition and fees* Living expenses –  expenses other than tuition in case the latter is fully covered by the university:* Other – travel, books, materials, health insurance etc. in case the scholar is being provided funds for all other expensesContactIf the applicants wish to contact the Program with inquiries/questions, they will need to write to [email protected]/Scholarships ProgramTeréz körút 46.Mark Center IV. floorH-1066 Budapest, HungaryOfficial Webpage Similar Stories Summer School Grants for Students and Young Academics from Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe +1 Pocket Open Call: Western Balkans Y-Peer Training of Trainerscenter_img Leave a Reply Cancel ReplyYou must be logged in to post a comment. Tweet Reddit LinkedIn 0 Roma Education Fund Scholarships Program ← Media for Liberty Award MEdiT’11 Convention on Media and Non-formal Learning in Intercultural Youth Dialogue →last_img read more

Coronavirus pandemic a lesson from nature…?

first_imgDo you really think that this corona virus pandemic is a sudden reaction from nature?Absolutely not.This is a tiny reaction from nature.You will now ask how and why?We as a  human think that this earth is our property.We suck blood and sweat of this mother Earth.We are almost 8 billion people. We take water , we take oxygen, we take everything from this earth.In return what we give her, every kind of pollution, soil erosion, CO2 emission, extinction of species.We say that it is a climate change, get your basics right, we have changed our behavior for consumption.We are using plastic, we have use and throw mind set, we are impulsive in nature, we seek profit in everything.Nature has given us everything, but in return we have given only misfortunes.You follow any religion, nature do not discriminate, you will get punishment from the nature.Thanos was right, maybe his method not.If we try to observe what kind of Sins we have done to our mother earth.Now and then slowly we will realize that we are the culprit for this happening.For Temperature rise of our planet. For floods, for Amazon fire, Australia fire, every year big floods in many areas.For just sake of money we are treating our mother earth as a commodity.We have broken almost every natural cycle of this earth.By using chemical fertilizers we have destroyed pollination in farming.It also lead to farmer suicide and nature imbalance.By using mono crop method we have destroyed Earth’s conventional living circle.I firmly believe that if humans are removed from the planet Earth, it will flourish.Our greed is our enemy.This is not only about China, America or Russia.Its only about our consuming mindset.Not Giving back any thing.So you must be thinking that how We  are the culprit…?If you are doing impulsive shopping then,If you are drinking carbonated sodas, then,If you are buying lots of clothes, thenIf you are eating non vegetarian food, thenIf you are using any kind of transport which runs on fuel , thenFrom these many statements , if your answer is yes for only one statement then also you are the culprit.We are trying to eat every kind of living organism. Bat , seriously …?Then do we qualify to call ourselves human for such behavior.?Covid-19 disease has taught us many lessons.This is one of them mind it…last_img read more