Jackson County Inmate Roster – 4-2-18

first_imgBooking Date:03-31-2018 – 10:48 pm Booking #:98950 Booking Date:04-01-2018 – 5:34 am Bond:$705 Bond:$355 View Profile >>> Murphy, Olivia M Booking #:98953 Booking #:98954 Bond:$705 View Profile >>> Release Date:03-31-2018 – 5:53 pm Bond:No Bond Booking Date:03-31-2018 – 4:27 pm Hawkins, Victoria B Bond:$355 Release Date:03-31-2018 – 2:08 pm Booking #:98946 Woods, Harold R Booking Date:02-25-2018 – 4:58 pm Charges:9-30-5-2 Operating Vehicle While Intox9-30-5-1(b) BAC .15% or greater Charges:35-42-2-1(d)(1) Battery w/ Moderate Bodily Inj9-24-19-3 DWS- Prior Conviction(offense)35-43-2-1.5 Residential Entry Charges:9-26-1-2 Leaving the Scene-Property Dam View Profile >>> Juan, Martin D Booking Date:04-01-2018 – 4:02 am Booking Date:04-01-2018 – 5:34 am Release Date:03-31-2018 – 1:23 pm Inmates released from the Jail within the last 24 hours. Release Date:04-01-2018 – 8:08 pm Release Date:03-31-2018 – 2:08 pm Diego, Felipe View Profile >>> View Profile >>> Charges:9-30-5-2 Operating Vehicle While Intox9-30-5-1(b) BAC .15% or greater Bond:$705 Booking Date:03-31-2018 – 1:29 pm Charges:35-45-1-3 Disorderly Conduct Booking #:98947 Bond:$355 Booking Date:03-31-2018 – 4:27 pm Booking Date:03-16-2018 – 11:07 am Charges:3 Out of County Hold View Profile >>> Booking Date:03-31-2018 – 1:29 pm View Profile >>> Charges:35-45-1-3 Disorderly Conduct Booking Date:01-25-2018 – 4:54 pm Bond:No Bond Diego, Felipe Littrell, Joseph J Booking #:98945 Booking #:98953 Charges:9-30-5-2 Operating Vehicle While Intox9-30-5-1(b) BAC .15% or greater View Profile >>> Booking #:98949 Charges:35-45-1-3 Disorderly Conduct Inmates released from the Jail within the last 24 hours. Johnson, Douglas L Booking #:98920 View Profile >>> Booking #:98858 View Profile >>> Bond:$1505 Bond:$705center_img Boxman, Phillip E Booking Date:04-02-2018 – 2:24 am Release Date:03-31-2018 – 5:53 pm Release Date:04-01-2018 – 8:08 pm View Profile >>> Bond:$355 View Profile >>> Brown, Trevor J Bond:$355 Inmates booked into the Jail within the last 24 hours. Charges:35-44.1-2-3 False Reporting9-24-19-2 DWS- Prior Unrelated Violation9-24-19-2 DWS- Prior Unrelated Violation9-24-19-2 DWS- Prior Unrelated Violation Charges:35-45-1-3 Disorderly Conduct Booking Date:03-31-2018 – 7:06 am View Profile >>> View Profile >>> View Profile >>> Release Date:03-31-2018 – 6:08 pm View Profile >>> Charges:35-45-1-3 Disorderly Conduct Booking #:98946 Bond:$705 Castro-Perez, Cristain Charges:9-26-1-2 Leaving the Scene-Property Dam View Profile >>> Booking #:98948 Boxman, Phillip E Bond:No Bond Murphy, Olivia M Charges:35-44-3-5 Escape34-47-2 Direct Contempt Booking Date:04-01-2018 – 5:34 am Bond:$355 Booking #:98724 Bond:No Bond Booking Date:04-01-2018 – 2:05 am Release Date:03-31-2018 – 12:08 pm Bond:$1505 Booking #:98480 Bond:$355 Diego-Pedro, Abraham Bond:No Bond Charges:35-42-2-1.3(B2) Domm Batt in pres of child35-42-2-1 (4) Battery to <14 by 18 or older35-45-1-3 Disorderly Conduct Charges:7.1-5-1-3 Public Intoxication Booking #:98950 Booking Date:03-27-2018 – 9:24 am View Profile>>> Charges:35-43-2-1.5 Residential Entry35-43-1-2 Criminal Mischief7.1-5-1-3 Public Intoxication35-45-1-3 Disorderly Conduct McReynolds, Jonathon M Booking Date:04-01-2018 – 5:27 am Booking Date:04-01-2018 – 4:01 am McReynolds, Jonathon M Booking #:98951 Booking #:98952 Holstine, Keila R Release Date:04-01-2018 – 4:23 pm Charges:35-42-2-1.3 Domestic Battery35-45-2-5(3) Interfer w/ Reporting Claxton, Ralph W Diego, Felipe Booking #:98953 Release Date:04-01-2018 – 1:53 pm Booking Date:04-01-2018 – 4:02 am Charges:34-47-2 Direct Contempt Booking #:98947 View Profile >>>last_img read more

Police briefs: Man charged with assault and robbery

first_imgA 26-year-old man is facing a charge of assault and robbery after two men were attacked in separate incidents early Wednesday evening in Chatham.Chatham-Kent police allege the accused, of no fixed address, approached a man walking on King Street in Chatham around 6:30 p.m. and began assaulting him in an attempt to steal his cigarettes.Police were called by a concerned citizen who witnessed the reported assault.The victim was taken to hospital for treatment of minor injuries.Police said as the accused fled the area. He then approached another man on Barthe Street and allegedly assaulted him. That victim did not sustain any injuries, police said.The accused was found on Grand Avenue, and arrested and charged with assault and robbery, police said.He was taken into custody pending a bail hearing.Receipts lead to arrest of Blenheim womanA 31-year-old Blenheim woman is facing charges in connection to evidence Chatham-Kent police found inside a stolen pickup truck.Police said the accused was released from court on May 6 with several conditions, including that she not operate a motor vehicle.Police recovered a stolen pickup truck early Wednesday morning on Raleigh Street in Chatham. While examining the vehicle, police found two receipts from local businesses inside the truck.Police went to these businesses and, through investigation, allege the woman was responsible for driving the stolen truck to purchase grocery store items and cash out a ticket.The accused was located Wednesday night and arrested. She has been charged with being in possession of property obtained by a crime over $5,000 and failing to comply with her release conditions.She was placed in custody pending a bail hearing.Wallaceburg teen chargedA family dispute landed a Wallaceburg teen in trouble with the law.Chatham-Kent police responded to the dispute, where an investigation revealed the accused, a 15-year-old male, allegedly threw items at his mother during an argument.While being placed under arrest, police allege the accused pulled away in an effort to resist arrest and began swinging at the officers.The youth was taken into custody and transported to police headquarters.He was charged with assault with a weapon and resist arrest, and later released with an Aug. 12 court date.Argument leads to chargeA 45-year-old Dover Township man was arrested Wednesday night in connection to an argument with his girlfriend’s father.Chatham-Kent police said the argument resulted in threats being made.The accused was arrested and charged with uttering threats.He was released with an Aug. 20 court date.Traffic enforcementSeveral area motorists are feeling the financial impact of some traffic enforcement initiatives by Chatham-Kent police.Wednesday morning, police stopped and charged five motorist with speeding through a 50 km/h zone while conducting traffic enforcement on Longwoods Road in Kent Bridge.Police were also conducting traffic enforcement in the area of construction on Pioneer Line, which resulted in nine motorists being stopped and charged with driving on a closed road.last_img read more

The Best Mother’s Day Gift Is A Six-Figure Blogging Income

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting dave copeland Related Posts Tags:#advertising#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img I’m not married and I have no kids, so I hadn’t paid much attention to “Mommy bloggers” until i spoke at BlogWorld East in New York City last year. When the Mommy blog movement started to take off in 2009, I had been dismissive of them, thinking it was more of the same “look at me” drivel that most bloggers had gotten over when Facebook became the platform of choice to vent about such First World Problems as noisy pediatrician waiting rooms and child-induced sleep deprivation.Go ahead, say what you’re thinking: I’m an idiot.Dooce (pictured above), who began blogging about her life and family in 2001, was a forerunner to the mommy blogging phenomenon. Because Mommy bloggers are a force. BlogWorld was packed with them last year and will likely be full of them again this year (as an aside, I’m speaking again at BlogWorld next month; see the bottom of this post for information on how to get a 10% discount off conference registration). The best ones are making six-figure salaries (for the record, the worst ones, by-and-large, remain unreadable). The site Moms Who Need Wine, as noted in an article in Thursday’s Boston Globe, has more than 570,000 Facebook fans, compared to just a little more than 36,000 for Wine Enthusiast. Wired is launching a new blog today, GeekMom, written by the four moms on its staff. As a block, Mommy bloggers garner the careful attention of Fortune 500 companies seeking a mother’s stamp of approval for their products. McDonald’s, for example, has been setting up shop at the BlogHer conference and flying in top Mom bloggers for exclusive tours of its corporate headquarters in meetings with President Jan Fields and other top executives. “Originally I found the whole Mommy blogger phenomenon to be a little unsettling and, as a married woman without kids, annoying,” said Leigh Ann Dufurrena of Red Sky Public Relations. “But, what I’ve discovered, and allowed myself to accept, is that Moms have been harbingers of brands long before blogs, the internet and even Oprah.”Indeed, big brands know that targeting women, who make 80% of household buying decisions, has long been a key to success. Dufurrena says momvertising goes back generations before the Web became a marketing tool. And, she reasons, is getting a Mom to pitch healthy side-dish items in a Happy Meal any different than Tupperware getting women to host Tupperware parties in the 1960s or Kix coming up with a slogan assuring television viewers that the cereal is “Kid Tested, Mom Approved”?Low Cost, Big Returns For AdvertisersWe weren’t able to interview any of the Mom bloggers who claim to be pulling in six-figure salaries, but all of the Mom bloggers (as well as other niche bloggers) we spoke with said that keeping their blogs was worth the effort.“I think there are a lot of lower-traffic Mom blogs that are just getting free perks. There are medium-traffic blogs that get some perks and some money,” said Scarlet Paolicchi, who runs Family Focus Blog. “I haven’t met any bloggers that make big bucks, but I have read about them and assume they exist.”Jesse Richardson, who runs the holistic health publication Organic Soul as well as Conscious Box, a monthly subscription service focused on green and sustainable goods, said his young sites rely almost exclusively on mentions from Mommy and other niche bloggers for increasing their visibility. Conscious Box has worked with more than 300 mom bloggers.“Organic Soul focused on paid social media advertising to build a following, whereas Conscious Box has gone 99% toward unpaid, product-for-service-traded reviews,” Richardson said. “By and large, this has been leaps and bounds better at generating paid customers and return buyers. For us, using Mommy bloggers has replaced used paid advertisements.”Other, non-parenting brands are likely to jump on the trend. Melissa Murphy, who connects brands with influencers for SocialChorus, is currently working on a campaign for Toyota that’s seeking young, hip progressives. Intel, meanwhile, is looking to engage entertainment influencers, and Mountain Dew wants NASCAR fans.“Although Mommy bloggers are the biggest demo in the social space, all verticals are working with brands,” Murphy said. “If you pair the right brand with the right influencer demo and social currency, anything is possible.”Is It Advertising? Public Relations? Journalism?Many bloggers follow Federal Trade Commission guidelines that were implemented in 2009 and require the disclosure of compensation when they endorse a product. But others do not, and there are some grey areas.“The majority of bloggers we work with are either honest in their product reviews or treating their blogs as a different type of media than a traditional news blog – more like a magazine,” said Julie Wohlberg, the founder of BlogWire and SheBlogs.org, a community of more than 5,000 women who blog. “Mags typically endorse good products, while ignoring bad ones…In the same way, bloggers who receive products will often ignore coverage for the shoddy products and endorse those they like.” The FTC rules are also designed to monitor the less-scrupulous practice of pay-per-click endorsements. Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and COO of BlogHer, said the inclusion of bloggers and social media influencers in the FTC guidelines validated the medium.“It was actually a tremendous validation that blogging is another media channel, subject to the same responsibilities,” Page said. “BlogHer’s position is that there is no one the women in our community trust more than another woman talking about her experience…We love a deal. We love an opportunity. We just want to know exactly what we’re reading before we get out our wallet.”ReadWriteWeb’s Dave Copeland will once again be speaking at BlogWorld East this year. The conference runs June 5-7 at the jacob Javitz Center in New York and Copeland will present “Blogging For Writers” on June 5. For 10% off conference registration, use the promo code BDavidC10 at checkout. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more