If You’re Fed Up with Your Job, Try Working More Pauses into Your Day

first_imgHarvard Business Review:More than half of Americans feel “overworked or overwhelmed at least some of the time” and 70% say “they often dream of having a different job,” according to a recent study by the Families and Work Institute. That’s a lot of unhappy people at work, and many of them may choose to resign. But my research shows that quitting can be premature; what you might need to do instead is pause and recalibrate.Chances are that if you were to jump into a new role or organization, whatever is causing you to leave may follow you. Taking a pause — which I define as any intentional shift in behavior — allows you to lift your head up, assess your situation objectively, and change your attitude, thoughts, or emotions. It doesn’t have to be a major break in your routine; it might be that after you get home from for work, you intend to spend 20 minutes of quality time with a partner or loved one. Or you intend to show up fully present every morning at the office by taking six deep breaths before you walk in. Even small pauses can help.…Next, set an intention. What do you want to get out of this pause and how do you want to feel at the end of it? One study published in Psychological Science showed that by distancing yourself from a challenge and taking the perspective of an observer, you can enhance your reasoning, leading to insights and new solutions that hadn’t occurred to you before.Read the whole story: Harvard Business Reviewlast_img read more

NHL/CHL Logo Concepts For Blog

first_img NHL/CHL Logo Concepts For Blog SportsLogos.Net Members Go To Topic Listing Sports Logo News NHL/CHL Logo Concepts For Blog Recommended Posts Share this post Forums Home By Willy09, July 19, 2013 in Sports Logo News Share on other sites CHL Willy09 All Activity design 0 This topic is now closed to further replies. Sports Logo News 0 NHLcenter_img Sports Logos Sports Logos Sign in to follow this   hey i opened a new NHL/CHL blog that will feature a weekly “Beyond The Crest” special , which will basically talk and analyze current , former and possible logos of the future!Wondering if anyone would want to help or maybe send some logos for the site [email protected]@W1lly09 Concept Sign in to follow this   Link to post 0 All Activity SportsLogos.Net Forums Home NHL/CHL Logo Concepts For Blog 2 posts Followers 0 Followers 0 0 Willy09 Posted July 19, 2013last_img read more

Review: LaBeouf explores his own childhood in ‘Honey Boy’

first_imgThis image released by Amazon Studious shows Noah Jupe in a scene from “Honey Boy.” (Amazon Studious via AP)“Honey Boy” will break your heart.It hardly matters if you’ve never given a second thought to the circumstances of Shia LaBeouf’s life, his childhood or his rocky early adult years. But this is the kind of universally moving work that can only emerge from something immensely specific and personal.In the broadest sense, it’s a portrait of a boy whose father doesn’t, or can’t, love him the way he needs. But broad isn’t the point. The salacious tabloid sell is that LaBeouf wrote this script about his life while in rehab. It was therapy, but besides the location, it’s not terribly unique that a storyteller might get some personal catharsis. What separates “Honey Boy” from the standard confessional is the heart, precision and artfulness that LaBoeuf and director Alma Har’el employ to tell this story.A key element that makes this endeavor so brave and empathetic is that LaBeouf plays his own father, who in other hands may not have been rendered in such a complex and nuanced light. His father is a Vietnam veteran, a registered sex offender and drug addict who also played manager to his son’s acting career. In the film his name is James Lort. He’s got a receding hairline, John Lennon glasses and is emotionally and physically abusive to his kid, who he also clearly loves and cares about. He uses a motorcycle to transport his 10-year-old son Otis (played with a stunning worldliness by Noah Jupe) to and from the television show he’s starring on (a stand-in for Disney’s “Even Stevens” which LaBeouf started acting in when he was around 10).A motorcycle is obviously a terribly precarious way to transport a young kid (and, cynically, your only source of income) on the treacherous freeways of Los Angeles, and yet these scenes are some of the most beautiful in the film: The dangerous ride is a moment of silence and peace in this turbulent relationship where the son gets to just cling to his father, who he trusts despite everything, and enjoy the thrill of the ride. It’s the whole movie in miniature.This is a father who gives his son cigarettes as a treat, but also demands adherence to child labor laws even when no one in a production will. The bad outweighs the good here, but perhaps thanks to LaBeouf’s performance, or the writing, you can’t help but grasp at any string of hope dangled — like any abusive relationship, really.Most importantly, he’s not the parent Otis needs. When Otis asks for affection or guidance, he’s met with hostility or mocking. When he tries to stand up for himself, it’s even worse. Their rollercoaster existence goes into explaining why, when Otis is in his 20s (portrayed by Lucas Hedges) and in rebab, this young man who has never been to war is told that he has PTSD.The later years, in rehab, are not quite as effective or heartrending as the flashbacks, save for a rollicking opening montage showing Otis’ on and off-screen debauchery. But it does all come together nicely in its closing.“Honey Boy,” an Amazon Studios release, is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for “pervasive language, some sexual material and drug use.” Running time: 93 minutes. Three and a half stars out of four.MPAA Definition of R: Restricted. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.Follow AP Film Writer Lindsey Bahr on Twitter: www.twitter.com/ldbahrlast_img read more

A coaching first

first_imgBy DAVID NAGEL THE newly-formed South East Football League (SEFL) has appointed its first interleague coach with former Pakenham champion…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img

Roma a survivor at 100

first_imgBy GEORGIA WESTGARTH PAKENHAM’S Roma Bratby is a survivor. Turning 100 years old on Wednesday, 12 August, the Shanagolden Aged…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img