Silence in the times of Corona

first_imgIndia is facing the next phase of lockdown which was imposed on us from the 14th of this month. Things have never been normal since 19th March when the first announcement came through. The first morning of the lockdown when I awoke was awash with the missing chirps of the birds and cawing of peacocks which had long e lost in the cacophony. One who admires the birds sounds was missing them.Silence during the times of this lethal pandamics brought back the era of the 80’s when we did not wake up to the sounds of the vehicles outside our houses and complexes. For the past decade or two people have been pedalled with urban developers and builders by the marketing pitch of serene and quiet neighbourhood , in the initial days of dwelling it was true but us the neighbourhood urbanisation creeped slowly,the sounds of the birds and animals vanished.This pandemic may have seen life threatening and changing proportions, but a pleasantly new spectacle has also risen of sounds of birds, rustling trees,clean blue skies and cleaner water sources. Nations and governments which could not achieve through their monies and debatable resolve that Corona has forced on us.Now it’s our responsibility to maintain the clean environment or sadly go back to times which we had left before the lockdown. Human greed or human aesthetics will prevail is very much the burning thought in my mind day in day out.Rumi once said, “Listen to the silence it has so much to say.”last_img read more