Wii U GamePad proving difficult to make could delay launch

first_imgNintendo is expected to launch of Wii U to all key territories in November, but there’s now whispers that delays are set to creep in. The reason being the manufacturing of the Wii U GamePad tablet controller is proving to be quite difficult on a mass-production scale.The good news is, the launch delay for the machine is only expected to impact gamers in Europe. Nintendo has historically launched new console hardware in Europe last, favoring its home territory of Japan and the US first. The only upside being that the delay isn’t expected to be very long, with the Wii U shipping in December instead on November.Nintendo is not commenting for the moment, but as the weeks go by it will have to confirm the launch date for each territory with retailers, and finalize advertising timing. Depending on how severe the production problems are, I can see that European launch slipping to early 2013, especially if Nintendo decided demand for the console is going to be high in other territories.The last thing Nintendo needs right now is a delay that potentially takes a console launch beyond the holidays. Even if it is just Europe, that’s still tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Wii Us that won’t be wrapped and under the tree on Christmas Day. Of course, that depends on how late in December the new launch date is, but any delay will still have some impact on parent’s gift choices.If the Wii U does launch in November, then Sunday, November 18 is expected to be the date. That’s what Japanese retailers believe, and it fits with what Nintendo has done before (the Wii launched on Sunday, November 19 2006).More at CVGlast_img read more