First 3DS Dragon Quest VII trailer released

first_imgWe first heard about Dragon Quest VII getting a remake for the 3DS at the end of October. It was a surprise mainly because development is so far along and Square Enix is planning to release the updated game on February 7 in its home territory of Japan.Two weeks after the initial reveal and the first screenshots started appearing. Square Enix has clearly taken advantage of the 3DS hardware as can be seen from those shots, but now we finally get to see the game in motion as the first trailer has been released.Dragon Quest VII was originally called Dragon Warrior VII when it saw a release on the PlayStation in 2000/2001. So this update 12 years later will be the first time many younger gamers will have a chance to play it. With a playthrough time in excess of 100 hours, it’s certainly going to be good value for money if JRPGs are your thing, and the visual update will certainly help hold your interest. It’s also arriving at a great time for Nintendo, as the holiday rush will be over, but the 3DS $299.99 at Amazon needs to keep selling. In Japan at least, Dragon Quest is a system seller.For reference, here’s a trailer of the original PlayStation version just so you can see how much work has clearly gone into this update:There’s no word on a Western release for the game yet, but I’d be really surprised if we didn’t get it. If we do, expect several months of waiting while Square Enix carries out the language translation and gets it rated across the Europe and the US.via RPGSitelast_img read more