Taboo of Love Marriages, an 180° Vista !

first_imgPost civilization embellishment, every regulation was well formulated and devised for the proper well being of human life. One such decree was the prohibition of love/inter-caste marriages. This was a practice, only after human adopted something called, “life-style”.As I mentioned earlier, in another post on the caste system, (, the difference on mankind, (possessing similar flesh & bones) originated, based on the work they did. There were no upper caste and lower caste that existed then. Men differentiated themselves based on what job they were up to.Based on this categorization, they began to migrate and started to align on groups. For example, a blacksmith dependent on gold migrated to the areas where gold mines are located and settled his life there. A carpenter lived nearby forest areas for him to get easy access to trees he wanted. A washer-man lived by rivers on its banks.After they settled up, they did 2 things. 1. Adopted the livelihood there. 2. Started to take foods that let them have strong enough physique to support the job nature they ran onto.So, in this fashion they continued their life, generation after generation that set their body, mind, soul everything into the work they adopted and carried it thereafter with utter passion(unlike current generation where passion goes in different direction and a job for bread is set wherever the earnings are good).Whilst the genetics carried the knowledge of work they possess, the other important thing to note is habitat. As the caste goes along with the term creed, it a belief system that worked along to put body & soul into one thing they followed. To detail this point, it was that every caste had their practice of worship, habits, food and way of living. This practice helped them survive nature and live naturally.That was why love marriages were denied. Inter-caste marriages were prohibited. What connectivity? Let’s see.Inter-caste marriages affect the lives of women, mostly. Let’s take the medieval ages. This was the era when a girl was believed to get accustomed to the groom’s family traditions and rituals. In such state, it affects the women because, when married from one creed to another, though the heart may accept things, soul and mind may not. Love is associated to heart as it is an emotion. Habits are Psychological.So a girl might not be able to easily get used to something that she is not used to. Her inner conscious might keep rejecting their habits. Her body might reject the foods she is not used to. The rejections from inside might disturb the central hormonal modus operandi which is the processor of the system call physical body.This disturbance will not be visible even to the victim herself. The bodily changes mentally and physically affects the life of women. Even today, though orthodox traditions are not in place, yet the disturbance affects a woman without her knowledge, that, she is undergoing them. Even with a normal caste mindful marriage, this hormonal impacts take place and the severity is higher when it comes to cross marriages.Just imagine, you are out on a trip for 3 days. Outside food, travel and different environment can make you tired despite fun. The elements of entertainment override the changes your body is going through. But when you are back, your body shows up the defacement. But if that place is where you take deputation, then your body might get used to the changes in due course, yet the deterioration takes place and face health hazards here and there.The same is what anyone faces in inter-caste marriage. For the first few days, the power of attraction, love, joy overrides the signal our body sends us to indicate the non-acceptance of the new pattern. But, after a few days, we might notice health issues associated with reproduction that alarms us then. We might not be aware that these changes/issues are mindfully soulful. We keep trying doctors, medicines, treatments but the reality gets missed from our eyes.The reason behind the health getting affected is that our body might not be fully adaptive to certain foods we were not used to from childhood or even be allergic. This might not be visible most of the times but be affecting us internally. Similarly, certain practices might be acting weird on our health. For example, a custom of one caste might need a girl to take a head bath on a particular day of every week and her childhood might not have insisted the same. If she is married to such creed, then it affects her resulting in migraine, ENT problems, sinus etc. One might wonder as why such health issues pop that was not faced during childhood.To avoid these issues, (with the already existing marriage-oriented hormonal imbalances a woman goes through), elders insisted to get married within same caste and creed. Also, every ritual followed had not only scientific facts hidden but also is associated with the habitat.Men are also no less affected by this system however the impact is very minimal. Provided, girls are completely to get adopted to boys tradition, food habits and practices, men might not get affected. But with the nuclear family system and current trends evolving, men and women both get affected with higher impact due to cross marriages.So what is the solution? While it was all formulated for a reason, a few ill-minded changed the caste system to be a pivot of problems. For otherwise, the good and bad be discussed, instead of caste-ism being prioritized. And when the goods had been imposed in a good way, the importance of rituals would have been the highlighter and hence love marriages would have been restricted within own kind for it to make sense then. As of date, with fast emerging trends, where love/inter-caste/inter-religion marriages are unavoidable, people are supposed to have an in-depth understanding of habits and practices. This can help them go with proper food habits, following the customs associated for them to reap the benefits along with the joyous of getting married to their choice.While taking this solution, it has to spread par boundaries, where abroad living culture is predominantly affecting health. While the health system is affected within a bordered country, beyond it is unimaginable. This is why medical mafia is booming. Wherever we go, if we adopt all that we’re taught from childhood with little/ no modification at-least within ourselves (as external changes cannot be altered), then we can really enjoy life without undergoing health stress. To adopt this, both wife and husband must mutually respect, understand each others’ traditional habits and follow them mutually, respectively. Also, a combined new family habit will help the bonding get intact and new civilization be bought to existence that can let human survive once again naturally!Habits are human’s creation for life to sustain amongst and along with nature. When we try to react against it, we result in chaos, if we manipulate it further for goodness, then it manifolds happiness.last_img read more

Sustainable Development Goals: From Rhetoric to Reality

first_imgIn September, world leaders will descend on New York to set goals for creating a more sustainable world, free of extreme poverty by 2030. The 17 proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will replace the earlier Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), but unlike their predecessors, these goals will be universal. They will apply to all countries and can only be achieved if all countries act – not just “developing” ones.But this larger, more ambitious set of goals poses a challenge: How do we make sure that all of those responsible follow through on September’s good intentions? In a voluntary agenda, how do we inject accountability? As the United Nations High Level Political Forum, the body that will review progress on the agenda, wraps up its meetings this week, now is the perfect time to ask these questions.It may be tempting to write off accountability as impossible without a legally binding agreement. While true that the SDGs by themselves will not have the force of law, it is still possible to clearly assign responsibility, making sure all governments, businesses and other stakeholders have clear objectives and performance standards, as well as answerability, ensuring all actors inform and justify their actions to those affected. Setting out what governments and other stakeholders are responsible for and requiring that they answer for their actions publicly is critical. These are important elements of an accountability framework. All stakeholders should develop clear plans for what they will do to achieve the SDGs, and enable their own citizens to track their progress.At the same time, no country, rich or poor, will be able to reach the goals in isolation. We live in a globalized economy facing global-scale environmental challenges. Domestic policies in the areas of trade, agriculture, energy, infrastructure, climate change and economic growth (to name just a few) can impact sustainability, poverty and growth elsewhere, both for better or worse. Countries will need to identify these spillovers and externalities and work together to address them, particularly for global public goods like climate change, or freshwater scarcity. Only by the combination of its own and other countries’ actions will any one country fully achieve the SDGs.At the same time, national governments are no longer the only players. Cities generate 80 percent of global GDP and 70 percent of carbon emissions , putting them at the heart of the action for sustainable development. Similarly, the long reach of global supply chains give the private sector huge potential to lead or lag on environmental sustainability and labor conditions across the globe. And civil society is a vital component of the social pact between governments and citizens – and often uniquely able to evaluate a government’s progress. All three—cities or local governments, the private sector and civil society—will have a role in making progress on SDGs through their own actions, by forming multistakeholder partnerships, and in pushing national governments and each other to lead. And of course, in holding them to account for their commitments.The word “accountability” has long been a taboo in the SDG negotiations, but we know that making strides against the twin challenges of poverty and environmental degradation will be nearly impossible without ways to not only measure progress, but also delineate clear responsibility for making progress. Speaking in 2010, UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon explained the lack of improvement against the MDGs as: “… not because the goals are unreachable, or because time is too short. We are off course because of unmet commitments, inadequate resources and a lack of focus and accountability.”This September, we will set a transformational global agenda that will no doubt inspire and motivate. But the warm glow will not be enough to carry us through to 2030. The SDGs must be supported by a web of partnerships that spell out who does what, and that can be transparently monitored and assessed. As countries finalize the SDGs over the coming weeks and months, they must not shy away from making accountability a reality.last_img read more

Youth Assistant Coach EOI Information – Girls 17’s

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