first_imgForoyaa is proud of the new spirit of the Gambian people. They do not just accept what they hear on Radio and Television. When the President declared Gambia an Islamic state many people thought that he had thepower to do so. Before the clarification many people were disturbed. The Christian community went into a state of shock. Many had taken for granted the secular culture which allows all religions to co-exist in an environment of relative equality. The constitutional provisions guarantee and safeguard freedom of belief and freedom of worship Now that we have relied on the Constitution to debunk the declaration of the President, many people are now seeing its importance as the fundamental law of the land. This is the awareness that is needed to nurture the sovereign person who will only respect utterances of authorities based on constitutional provisions and law. Knowing that the Constitution cannot be altered to give legal effect to his declaration, the executive was trying the backdoor in giving social effect to his declaration by starting with the head tie. This also had to be reversed. Now it is constitutionally provided that The Gambia is the official name of the country. Any other name like the Islamic Republic of the Gambia is fictitious. Hence those who broadcast using such a name are tools of deception. There is no Islamic Republic of The Gambia. There is only “The Gambia” a Sovereign Republic. No wonder many people have adopted the phrase “so called Islamic Republic“ whenever they hear the name in order to dismiss the notion.  This trend should continue until the notion is buried.last_img read more