The Domain page is not the first extension point (two)

1. Domain is not in the first description of different

yesterday saw Lu Guofu wrote an article about the domain is not the first article after operation over the site has appeared in the aspects of the situation and then followed by writing an article on the Domain < < home is not the first extension point (a) > > articles published after a great response A5, the famous Adsense nets editor put it in the home position for the webmaster friends from all walks of life to visit. Here we first thanks to the recent support Zhengzhou Fangyuan network stationmaster friends and colleagues from all walks of life. So now: yesterday’s article will continue to extend. As mentioned above we first operation of boiler 贵族宝贝 Shenfengguolu. Com/ because some operations are not regular be right down, is very anxious, so the domain is not in the situation first pay more attention to detail here and we analyze this together: read more

Article five – chain error weights of the transfer

blog that explain too much at this point do not need it, the issue is what to say is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, becomes meaningless, do not know if you love Shanghai "nofollow" will be able to understand.

Xiong Wei frameworkThis is actually in front of the

I want to temporarily.

appears in the JS code link

I have to introduce some form of the chain does not export weights for everyone:

iframe link in the


with NOFOLLOW tag links

Douding library

believes that Shanghai Longfeng knowledge know some friends should know that the search engine will go through a denoising step in crawl the page after, will be in this step will eliminate all the JS code page. So the search engine for the JS code is not included, so that appear in the JS code link, since it will not be included in search engines, so naturally will not transfer weight. read more

5 by Shanghai dragon venture

so some heavy industry products, because these products are relatively high profits, large single. Some machines can reach hundreds of thousands, so profits are thousands, but these products were

is very small and it takes a long time. If you have your own product that is better, is their own profit. If you do not own products can contact acquaintances for products, then you take a percentage of


, 3 orders in the form of

is more stable, but not everyone is looking for a good manufacturer, so you need to establish a network of relationships, to know some people in this network inside an industry and to cooperate with him. read more

Original content is the core of the website construction and optimization

if the articles on the site content uniformity, nothing new at all, visitors naturally less. The quality of the original content can provide more abundant information, naturally there is no reason not to search your visitors by green >

The core part of What is the core of the

some people may think of manic, it is also very simple ah, on the Internet every day there will be a lot of news, directly on their own point of view can soon? If this is ignored by the theme of the site, this is no ground for blame. But the search engine in order to prevent cheating, in comparison analysis the content of the website data, will confirm the theme of the site. If a website construction company website, so the theme of the site is certainly website undoubtedly, when writing the original content, it must be around the theme of the website construction to write. Only in this way, like writing, will not deviate from the theme. read more

[fast] exhaust fast search engine rankings should tell you how to do

web content is user love, at the same time, the website must conform to love Shanghai, 360, Sogou search engine rules, change the search engine ranking rules, most of them are more consistent with the habits of users. Do Shanghai dragon key is in accordance with the basic rules of the website into a search engine, users love also love the site on it.

fast exhaust by the Shenzhen CTV Interactive Media Technology Co. company independent research and development of search engines love Shanghai, 360, Sogou fast ranking products, quick exhaust can help small and medium-sized enterprises, the brand products quickly, the company to the country, the company allows you to quickly build a presence in the industry. Let more enterprise network marketing channels better! Really do network marketing. Quick exhaust 3-7 days to operate hundreds of keywords ranking love Shanghai, 360, Sogou search engine home page, three months can be thousands of keywords ranking love Shanghai, 360, Sogou search engine read more

How Shanghai dragon knowledge chain website ranking effect

5., the chain increased speed, some friends in order to quickly improve website ranking, in a certain period of time, increasing the number of the chain, you are in danger, is likely to be the search engine that is cheating, to punish your site.

What are the factors affecting the chain

8. chain, the search engine can determine the page navigation, navigation, and other various lists, text blocks, different chain placement, the effect is different, the best course is to appear in the text of the natural link. read more

Guest a barometer of -S log files of website optimization

search engine spiders actually played the role of a user to access your website, website early frequency spiders access will be very low, but with the website constantly to obtain the weight after the visit frequency will be increased through different spiders, the server status code to determine your level of health website, if your site appears frequently. The server is not stable, a lot of.

The first work

a website officially launched after is to submit your web site URL and that the search engine login, will send the general search engine spider program automatically submitted after the site (or bots) to your site to crawl. Of course, this is the ideal state, usually you need to cloth spider bait to attract spider crawling your site. So when the spider to your site and began to crawl along the front page can leave after logging. We view logging can know which search engines at what time the path through which the spider crawling IP server what website, and check the change of crawling. read more

Su Di Kang Shanghai dragon trend Title copy and return of humanity

in the search engine, so writing is not illegal. This is as far as possible, increase the number of target keywords, meet the basic requirements of the Shanghai dragon.

in the city of Shanghai Longfeng site as an example, the home page of the Title copy is generally written like this:

copy of humanity

is now the webmaster, more or less understand Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, understand Title play the role of dragon in Shanghai. Therefore, many owners to rack their brains to your Title page add target keywords. Because Title has a length limit, in order to make good use of every character position, many website homepage Title copy written keywords exhibition. Network marketing analyst Su Dikang believes that the future trend of Shanghai dragon is the Title copy and return of humanity. read more

Teach you a method to increase the reverse link free website

3. to a topic, summed up a complete list of references.

8. on the site is easy to find privacy policy and about us page, this site looks more let people trust. Put a photo of yourself may contribute to the establishment of authority.

website is an important part of Shanghai Longfeng, at the same time to improve website PR value also plays a vital role. High quality Links is restricting every webmaster do the bottleneck of Shanghai Longfeng, especially

11. some company website lists about their news, write these companies, and even to them. They link back to talk about their ". If your website has news or blog is easy. To search for "your noble baby industry + news". read more

The experience and practice of Shanghai Longfeng Nyaya (below)

3: website, the original > pseudo original, do not direct acquisition of release, the most basic is collected in the A5 pseudo original, many articles are made up by many small collection, basic acquisition in the past after all changed related content can has beenincluded effect. So the content and the chain can be combined together, good content can often improve the chain to the site.

2: outside of the chain, this is no doubt, many webmaster friends of stations in the word is not strange, even some operation, only a handful of people are successful, afterwards you analyzed? Your failure is in the chain link. read more