Sumner County Sheriff Office weekly report: Feb. 24 – March 2, 2020

first_imgGray, Jason Wayne41Wichita, Kansas610 E Hillside Wellington KsServing Sentence (48 Hours)2/29/20 Williams, Frank James Jr43Wichita, Kansas610 E Hillside Wellington KsServe Sentence (3 days)2/28/20 Sumner Newscow report — The Sumner County Sheriff Office report for Feb. 24 to March 2, 2020, weekly jail bookings are as follows:  Nelson, Toby Glen41Oxford, Kansas1300 E. 70th St. Oxford, KsFailure to appear: Criminal damage to property;/Assault:2/26/20 Conley, Heather Nicole29Wellington, Kansas1310 E. Michigan Apt. A Wellington KsTheft of prop/services; Forgery; Making or altering a written instrument;2/24/20 Jones, Kyle Anthony20Oxford, Kansas610 E Hillside Wellington KsServe Sentence (24 Hours)3/1/20 Saiz, Michael Shane44Wichita, KansasEl Dorado Correctional El Dorado, KSHere For Court2/28/20 NAMEAgeHOMETOWNLOCATION OF ARRESTCHARGESDATE OF ARREST Hill, Timothy Jerome33Wichita, Kansas610 E Hillside Wellington KsServe Sentence (4 days)2/28/20 Jones, Cyrus Lovell30Wichita, Kansas501 N. Washington Wellington KS Failure to appear:2/27/20 Gasca-Moreno, Luis Enrique30Oklahoma City, OklahomaS I-35 TPKE MP 26, Belle Plaine, KSTransporting an Open Container3/1/20 Tate, George Troy45Belle Plaine, Kansas309 W. 5th Ave., Belle Plaine, KSDomestic Battery3/1/20 Elliott, Joseph Lee46Wellington, Kansas617 N. Olive St., Wellington, KSCriminal threat; Criminal damage to property; Assault:2/25/20 Ralls, Tyler Lee32Park City, Kansas501 N. Washington Wellington KSFailure to appear2/27/20 Gray, Garth Taylor27Winfield, Kansas1402 E Michigan CT Apt. C Wellington, KSProbation Violation:2/27/20 Ross, Chris Adriana54Wichita, Kansas125 W Rosewood St. Rose Hill, KsFailure to appear:2/29/20 WEEKLY   BOOKINGS02/24/2020 thru 03/02/2020center_img Janney, Shawn Allen42Wellington, Kansas733 E. 10th Ave N Wellington KsFailure to appear: Probation Violation:2/24/20 Ary, Katie Corder33Wichita, Kansas610 E Hillside Wellington KsServe Sentence (24 Hours)3/2/20 Furnas, Jay Franklin63Wichita, Kansas1400 N US81 HWY Mulvane KSDriving while license canceled, suspended, revoked.2/27/20 Pocowatchit, Ashley Nicole29Wichita, KansasSedgwick County JailProbation Violation:2/28/20 Crowley, Bridgette Lee33Arkansas City, KansasSedgwick County JailProbation Violation:2/28/20 Carpenter, Brenda Diane52Goddard, KansasSedgwick County Jail Failure to appear2/24/20 Nunn, Devin Michael32Mulvane, KansasSecond and Martha, Mulvane, KsProbation Violation:2/24/20 Benway, Matthew Moslow37Wellington, Kansas1000 N. A. St. Wellington KS,Driving while license canceled, suspended, revoked.2/29/20 Staten, Shequita Shardae30Wichita, Kansas1400 N. US81 HWY Mulvane KSDriving while license canceled, suspended, revoked.2/27/20 McClure, Joshua Quincy43Wellington, Kansas501 N. Washington Wellington, KSProbation Violation: (Arrest and Detain)2/28/20 Ratzlaff, Matthew Ryan33Argonia, Kansas1614 W. 10th Ave., Argonia, KSAggravated Domestic Battery; Criminal Restraint3/1/20 McClure, Joshua Quincy43Wellington, Kansas501 N Washington Wellington, KS Probation Violation: (Arrest & Detain)2/26/20 Lawson, Stephen Lee25Wichita, KansasSedgwick County JailProbation Violation:2/26/20 Espino, Fransisco Javier27Oklahoma City, OklahomaS I-35 TPKE MP 26, Belle Plaine, KSTransporting an Open Container3/1/20 Barrett, Tommie Lee38Wellington, Kansas11130 Road E. Norton, Kansas Probation Violation: (Here For Court)2/26/20last_img

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