Results: What Does “Wait Time” Mean to You?

first_img C. Attraction entrance to the ride vehicle. (30%, 409 Votes) D. Once you meet resistance in the queue to the ride vehicle. (30%, 408 Votes) B. Once you meet resistance in the queue to the start of the pre-show. (22%, 299 Votes) A. Attraction entrance to start of the pre-show. (18%, 239 Votes) Total Voters: 1,355 There is no clear consensus on how people perceive their wait time for attractions. 48% of people (A+C) believe that their wait starts when they enter an attraction. 52% of people (B+D) believe their wait does not start until they reach the end of the queue. Statistically, this is a tie. 40% of the people (A+B) believe their wait ends at the preshow. In the comments, we had the answer: “it depends”Walking to the End of the QueueIn most cases the time between entering an attraction and reaching the end of the queue is small. This time decreases as the overall wait time increases. Queuing theory says that the wait time does not start until you reach the end of the queue. People who had listened to Len Testa on WDW Today would have heard him say that “wait time starts once you reach resistance in the line.” Since there is not a clear consensus is defining the start of the wait time to be at where you reach resistance in the line.Preshow: Attraction or Waiting?The “it depends” people have a very good argument. For some attractions, the preshow is an integral part of the attraction. I assume most people would agree the stretching room at Haunted Mansion or the design station at Test Track or the library at Tower of Terror is part of the overall attraction. It gets fuzzier for safety videos at Soarin, Star Tours, and Mission Space. For consistency sake, is defining any activity that is required to be experienced is part of the attraction and not waiting time.Impacts on Touring PlansThe changes to Touring Plans is just an accounting issue. Walking time will go up slightly for attractions with long queues. Arrival time on a plan will mean the time you should arrive at the end of the queue, not specifically the attraction entrance. Attractions with a preshow will have some of the wait time shifted to the attraction duration.Timing Your WaitThe process of timing your wait is the same as it has been. Start the timer as soon as you reach resistance in the line. Stop the timer once you are about to get on the attraction.“Reach Resistance” for attractions with a preshow would be once you get to the preshow if there is no wait to get into the preshow. The timer will include the time spent in the preshow. The software will know how to adjust the timer’s time to the correct wait time.In SummaryFor us more visual people, here is a summary of what I wrote.Have any questions? Suggestions for improvements? Let us know in the comments. Share This!Earlier in May, I asked the question: What does “wait time” mean to you? Results show that the there is not a simple answer.center_img  Loading …last_img

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