Much Loved to be released in Paris on June 16

Rabat – “Much Loved (Zin li Fik),” the highly controversial film by Moroccan director Nabil Ayouch which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival but censored in Morocco, will be released in France on June 16, according to French media. PYRAMID FILM INC., the company in charge of distributing the film, has organized eleven exceptional preview screenings in Paris and other French cities later this week on Thursday, June 11.In Paris, the film will be screened at l’UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles, Gaumont Parnasse, MK2 Quai de Seine, MK2 Bibliothèque, Louxor, Cinéma des cinéastes and Caumartin. In Provence, screenings will be held at Rennes (Ciné TNB), Nancy (Caméo Saint-Sébastien), Aix en Provence (Mazarin), and Brest (Studios).Though “Much Loved” is banned in Morocco, the film reportedly became the number one selling film on the black market, and the title of the film the most popular google search.Following are the times and locations of the film screenings: ParisUGC Ciné Cité Les Halles – 20hGaumont Parnasse – 19h45MK2 Quai de Seine – 20hMK2 Bibliothèque – 20hLouxor – 19h30Cinéma des cinéastes – 20hCaumartin – 20h30RennesCiné TNB- 21h15NancyCaméo Saint-Sébastien – 20h30Aix en ProvenceMazarin – 19hBrestStudios – 20h

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