Virgin Media shows us what downloading at 100Mbits looks like

first_imgHaving what classes as a decent Internet connection at the moment can vary depending on who you talk to and where you are in the world. Personally, I’d class 20Mbit/s as a good speed, 50Mbit/s as very good, and anything beyond that as awesome. Others may see 10Mbit/s as more than enough.With the growing popularity and availability of streaming media services, we all want a fast connection and a high data cap. Some areas of the modern world are struggling to get an infrastructure capable of handling anything past 20Mbit/s, where as others are enjoying 1Gbit/s speeds.Virgin Media, an ISP serving the UK, has started the rollout of 100Mbit/s connections–which definitely classes as the next-gen of connection speeds for the majority of people. But just how fast is it?The video above sees a 500MB file downloaded using one of these super fast connections. It achieves a rate of 13MB/s and takes roughly 40 seconds to download.Who wouldn’t want such a fat pipe in their home?Read more at

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