Dot attachment lets your iPhone take panoramic videos

first_imgIf you’re an iPhone owner, you’ll soon be able to create your own fully-fledged panoramic videos on the go. Even if you aren’t planning a Street View competitor, you can discover some of the more subtle uses of 360° photography when the Dot attachment arrives next week.Once you attach Dot to your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, you can immediately get started on taking some orbital videos. Unlike software-based solutions to panorama photography, such as that featured by Google in the upcoming Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich,’ this accessory will enable true, single-framed panorama clips.The resulting videos are being marketed as “Dotspots,” and can be shared to social networking sites. As you can see below, viewers can freely pan around the 360° landscape while watching:The device is developed by Kogeto, a New York-based startup that was founded by Jeff Glasse earlier this year. After creating Lucy, which is a similar panoramic photography tool for desktop computers, he wanted to offer something in that vein for mobile users. Glasse turned to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds. By July, they had acquired their stated goal of $20,000 in pledges, and to this day the project has raised over $120,000 also via Kickstarter.Dot is off to a booming start, even before its official launch. They have established relationships with online retailers, and – oh yes – there is that small matter of Apple deciding to sell Dot in their retail stores. With this accessory enabling an iPhone to do something that rival platforms can (currently) only emulate, it’s little surprise that Apple was eager to jump on board with Dot.The Dot add-on arrives on November 1, for $79. It will be available in black, red, pink, and green.More at Kogeto, via Mashablelast_img

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