Atooma for Android makes task automation super simple

first_imgI’m no stranger to automation on Android. My house is littered with NFC tags that do everything from controlling lights in my house to setting my alarm clock. I’ve long enjoyed apps like Tasker for automation, but the learning curve with most of those apps is incredibly high. I won’t be convincing most people that Microsoft on{X} is worth using because it’s ugly and tedious to use. If automation is going to become more commonly used, someone needs to work on a UI that is simple and fun to use. The team at Atooma think they have just what the doctor ordered.Atooma was designed from the ground up to be incredibly simple to use. You create your simple program, which they call “Atooma’s”, by lining up a simple If-Do construction. Each of the groups of commands are assembled into clusters. The Mobile cluster has things like GPS, WiFi, and Blutooth while the App cluster has things like Twitter and Gmail.Once you select a task from a cluster, you apply context by selecting what you want to go into the “IF”. For example, you can set a command to execute when your GPS tracks you exceeding a certain speed. When you have completed your IF, you move on to a DO. I set my Atooma to sent a tweet when the my device was traveling above 35kph. Once you complete your Atooma, all you need to do it set it as active in the app and the Atooma will execute when it is supposed to.If you’re not really interested in making your own Atooma, you can get pre-made programs from the Atooma community. The website is a social gathering of users who have made Atooma and are sharing them with other users. It’s incredibly easy to publish an Atooma that you have made to the website as well, and anyone can use it once you have published it. Despite being a private beta, there’s no shortage of activity already. Most of the Atooma posted are fairly simple, but it is clear that there are advanced users taking advantage of the platform already.Atooma is planning for a full release in September, with added clusters for third party hardware as well as motion sensors. Users can still sign up for the Beta on the Atooma website, and then the app is released it will be free for the first 30 days. Atooma will come with a UI overhaul and additional social integration features as well. Atooma is a great step into mainstream automation on Android, and a fantastic way to make your phone do a lot of extra work for you.last_img

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