Simple Geeks Guide toStreaming Services

first_imgStay on target Stuart Schuffman, aka Broke-Ass Stuart, is a travel writer, TV host and poet. Follow him at us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. The Most Addictive Mobile Clicker GamesSwipe Right on the Best Thirsty Mobile Games center_img Let’s be honest, how badly would you rather be lying around and binging on Netflix than doing whatever it is you have to do today? I mean, I’d sure as hell rather be sitting in my underwear, eating fancy cheese, and watching Narcos than writing this article – even if I am still sitting in my underwear. I call that “Netflix and Cheese” by the way, but I digress.Even if “Netflix” has become an umbrella term for all streaming video services, there’s still a ton to choose from and all kinds of different budgets. Since I’m Broke-Ass Stuart, I’m only gonna focus on the affordable ones though. I know you’re saving up for Comic-Con tickets.Getting your friends & family members’ passwordsChances there’s someone in your life who still has cable. If you butter them up enough for them to give you their password, you can get access to all the streaming channels that the cable stations create, like HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, and Cartoon Network. Obviously, it all depends on what channels they already pay for. Thanks mom and dad for letting me use your password!Cost: Free and maybe plus some butt kissing.Pirate streaming sitesIf nobody likes you enough to share their cable password and you don’t wanna shell out any loot, there are a bunch of sites that stream pirated shows like Couch Tuner, Project Free TV, and Putlocker. The upside is that they are free. The downside is that they are spammy as fuck. With ads like, “12 Times You Could a Celebrity Topless” and “This Game is So Real It’s Almost Like Having Sex,” you’ll be disappointed in yourself by actually clicking them a few times. Also, since the sites are so spammy and make money from really shady clicks, you’ll have a ton of shitty popups and maybe even pick up a virus. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to see Rick and Morty’s new season.Cost: free but the sites can be pretty annoying and have low-quality videos.Acorn TVIf you grew up on British TV or are just really into dry humor, and accents that even make talking about crime scenes sound fancy, Acorn TV is for you. They only have British shows and movies but they a wide variety of them.Cost: $5 per month or $50 per year.NetflixThe standard bearer of streaming TV, I like Netflix more than I like most of my friends. From classic sitcoms like Cheers to indie documentaries to incredible original content like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, Netflix has something for everyone. I just finished the second season Gomorrah, the modern mafia show from Italy, and holy crap it was awesome. I love you Netflix!Cost: $8 per month for standard-def video on a single screen; $10 per month for high-def video on up to two screens; $12 per month for 4K UHD video on up to four screens.Amazon PrimeIt’s Amazon. They have SO MUCH stuff. My girlfriend and I are watching Veep right now, and it’s is hilarious! That’s the cool thing about Amazon too, Veep is an HBO show, but Amazon still gets it as well as stuff from other networks. Plus it has a ton of movies and is now producing its own original content like the harrowing The Man in the High Castle. Plus, with one of the options you get free shipping on the stuff you’re already buying on Amazon.Cost: $99 per year or $11 per month, with free shipping. A video-only subscription costs $9.HuluHulu is great if you really want all the network shows without having to actually have cable. It’s got all the current stuff from NBC, ABC, and Fox and some classic stuff form CBS. Plus they are doing some pretty rad original content like Difficult People and The Handmaid’s Tale.Cost: $8 per month with ads or $12 per month without ads.StarzI feel like most people who have Starz through their cable subscription don’t even realize they it. For a long time, they were only really getting third tier movies and had late night soft-core porn. But now they’ve really stepped things up. They are getting much better movies and have even started creating their own content like the incredible American Gods. I know like 90% of you are Neil Gaiman fans. Now you don’t need to subscribe to cable to get Starz you can get it as a separate streaming service.Cost: $9 per month.ShowtimeShowtime is pretty killer. They’ve always had a good selection of movies but in recent years have been creating really amazing original content like Dexter and Homeland. And what’s cool is that they too have a streaming-only option.Cost: $11 per month, or $9 per month when purchased through certain services, such as Amazon Prime and Hulu.HBO NowI was so bummed when my parents changed up their cable package and got rid of HBO. Luckily my girlfriend has HBO Now, the streaming version, because life is not complete without Game of Thrones. HBO has been creating some of the best and most compelling original content for over a decade, and shows like The Sopranos and The Wire helped usher in this Golden Age of “Television” that we’re lucky enough to be living through right now. Also, they get some of the best movies.Cost: $15 a monthlast_img

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